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Don't dream it--be it! Make music and make friends in NYC's ultimate Rock Band program.

You know how you dream of being a rock star in another life and think maybe you want to join a band someday? But how do you get started? How do you meet other musicians, organize rehearsals, direct the band, and book the gigs...when you already have a full time job!? What if you've never even played in a band before? It all seems so out of reach!

Well, what we do, is to make the dream of rock band accessible to EVERYONE. Our expert coaches are the best in NYC and will guide you through the rehearsal experience with lots of feedback and support. We connect music-loving New Yorkers who want to play in bands. We organize rehearsals, book the shows, have awesome fully equipped rehearsal spaces, and offer additional performance opportunities to veteran bands!

In fact, we run over 70 bands a year and many of our veteran students have transformed their lives, made lifelong friends, and are living the dream! Many of these students had never played in a band before! Some of them even started with us as Absolute Beginners! Now, they have their own band, rehearse, and gig regularly in NYC (and still have the day job).

IT ALL STARTS WITH ROCK BAND 101. Join other friendly, excited and music-loving New Yorkers in a full band, with room for vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. Learn the basics of playing in a rock band, listening to other players, working through arrangements, using amplifiers and pedals, and working as a team to build a set of songs. Work in NYC Guitar School's fully equipped, professional music studios in NYC's iconic Music Building, where artists ranging from Madonna, Interpol, Billy Idol, The Ramones, The Strokes and many more have rehearsed and written. Make friends, make music, and end your Rock Band 101 session with an open rehearsal / showcase for your family and friends.

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AFTER 101, JOIN A CUSTOM BAND AND PLAY A PUBLIC SHOW. Most 101 bands continue into our Custom Band program. Choose, rehearse, and arrange songs under the guidance of an expert instructor, and work as a team toward a performance on stage at a New York City nightclub like The Delancey, Club 45, American Beauty and more. Bands rehearse for two hours, once a week, for seven weeks before the show. If your band needs an extra player, or if you are looking to join a band, we will help match you and connect you with the Rock Band community in Rock Band Meet and Greets.

COMMUNITY. You will find that the NYC Guitar School Community is an environment which supports you in being your best. Whether you are honing your skills in private lessons or in our lead guitar, vocal or other classes...or when you are cheering on the other bands...or taking advantage of our open mics and student showcases...you will find that you are surrounded by positive people who are growing as musicians and as people. In fact, many of your classmates on stage will have started as Absolute Beginners. And some of your classmates will end up playing in bands on their own, outside the school. Does this sound like the right place for someone like you? Then...it probably is!

Rock Band 101--learn to play in a rock band, and join our Rock Band community. Click below to sign up for a guaranteed spot and begin your rock band journey!

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Custom Bands--we match your group with a great coach, schedule rehearsals in professional rehearsal rooms, and put you on stage in a NYC nightclub. If you have a group and are interested in joining our custom band program, please email Jen at Rockband@NYCGuitarSchool.com. If you are in one of our continuing custom bands and want to confirm your registration, click below.

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Experienced player? Returning Rock Bander? Find out more and get started, ask questions or sign up for a Rock Band Meet & Greet to meet other Rock Banders and get help matching into a Custom Band.

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Class Types And Prices


1 - Rock Band 101 - How to Be In a Band
Have you always wanted to strut your stuff on stage in a real rock band, but have no idea how to get there? Now you can! In this 8-week class, you'll learn how to listen to and play with others, how to set up and adjust amps and drums, and how to arrange songs. You'll learn several songs covering the various essential rock styles. If you're a guitar player, you'll even learn to play a bit of both bass and drums (even if you've never touched either) in order to understand their role in the band. YOU WILL NOT PERFORM AT THE SHOWCASE (to allow you simply to focus on getting the hang of rehearsing), but this course will prepare you to join a Custom Rock Band (which will perform at the Showcase). Spots available for Vocals, Keys, Bass, Drums, and up to 4 guitars. If there is not a bassist or drummer enrolled, guitarists will take turns playing those instruments, with help from your instructor.
Requirements: Completed Guitar V: Advanced Beginners or equivalent. Be able to quickly switch between barre chords. Be able to strum entire songs in rhythm without stopping.

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2 - Custom Rock Bands
You, not we, select your entire lineup, and you DO have the option to have a teacher play an instrument. (We are happy to help you find additional players to fill out your lineup). These bands sign up as a group. Players may already know each other, or they may meet in our Rock Band 101 program, in meet and greets, or otherwise at our guitar school. Players in these bands are expected to have experience playing in a group, or have completed Level 1: Rock Band 101. Guitars should be comfortable with barre chords, mixed rhythms, single note lines, song structure, band equipment, and rehearsal etiquette. Advanced players are welcome. Your band WILL perform at the showcase.
3 - Vocal Harmony Band
Take a deep dive into the pure pleasure of building and singing harmonies with others. As an ensemble made of acoustic instruments (no electric guitar and no drum set), revel in the creation and performance of 2,3, and 4 part harmonies with all or most members of the band playing their instruments at the same time.
Build your vocal skills in an acoustic ensemble setting. Learn how to stack harmonies, interval recognition, ear training, using scale degrees to identify harmonies, straight tone singing, vowel placement and more!
REQUIREMENTS: the ability to match pitch, beginning to advanced guitar skills. Brief audition may be required. Because this band is acoustic instruments only, it will be in a regular classroom NOT a rented rehearsal room.


Level 1 - Rock Band 101: Eight 2-hour rehearsals, no performance - $650 ($590 for returning students, $450 for drummers).
Custom Bands. $2200. (Bands members can split this up any way they like.)
Vocal Harmony Band: Seven 2-hour rehearsals plus the show. This band is held in a regular classroom, NOT a rented rehearsal studio - $422.50 ($383.50 for returning students)

What Our Students Are Saying...

Rock Band was about as much fun as I think I could have. - Nick

Who says dreams don't come true? - Martin

I had a blast! - Bruce

The energy was so positive. Thanks again! What a great outcome, we had a blast. - Liz B.

The rock band program is great. Jon was a solid music director and kept us focused on our goal. He took 5 strangers and turned us into a band. Fontana's provided the perfect venue to showcase our work. - Jim

Rock Band was really so fun! Thoroughly enjoyed it. - Arthur

I still can't believe that I was actually on that stage singing, it was like being in a dream! The whole experience from the first rehearsal to the last song at Fontana's was very special to me and something I will always remember. I was really nervous and scared but not anymore! I am really lucky to be part of this and I look forward to continuing. All my thanks to Jaime, Kyle G. and the staff for your kindness, hard work, excellent music education, behind the scenes efforts and constant support...You guys make it all happen and bring the rock music to life!! - Liz G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring to class?
A: If you play guitar or bass, please bring your instrument and a cable. If you play drums, please bring drumsticks. Everyone, please bring your fervent desire to rock!

Guitarists and Bassists: You are responsible for bringing your own instruments.

Q: What if my band wants to schedule extra rehearsals with our teacher present?
A: Great! Just contact us at RockBand@NYCGuitarSchool.com and we'll set it up for you. We'll make sure that your teacher is available.

If you'd like to book extra rehearsals without your teacher present, then you can book it directly with the rehearsal studio of your choice.

Q: Why is there an extra week between the last rehearsal and the show, with no official rehearsal scheduled? Why don't you just run rehearsals right up to the show date?
A: We used to, and it was a disaster! If a rehearsal was cancelled because of bad weather or other emergencies, we were left with no time to reschedule it, and no one wants to hit the stage feeling less than fully-rehearsed. Also, many bands found they wanted to sneak in an extra rehearsal or two in the final week, and without that extra "empty" week, there was just no wiggle room. So it's mainly a buffer to make sure everyone gets their complete 7 rehearsals.

Q: How many people must be registered for a CUSTOM Band to run?
A: Any number (integers only), within reason. Hence the Custom bit.

Q: My Custom Band loved having Slash teach us on Sunday nights at midnight. How do we ensure we have that specific teacher and time slot again?
A: A Custom Band gets priority for a specific teacher and time slot for the next consecutive session only. If your band took a break, we can’t guarantee that teacher and time slot the following session. For example, you loved having Slash on Sunday nights at midnight in the Spring session. Your band took the Summer session off. Meanwhile, a new group signed up for that Sunday midnight spot with Slash during the Summer, so that new group will have priority for the Fall session.