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Atlantic for 32 Guitars – Saturday, May 4th at Brooklyn Guitar School

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Download your parts, play along to the tracks and join us for a run through before performing this world premier guitar piece written specifically for the beginning guitar players of NYC Guitar School!

Guitar No. 1 Chart
Guitar No. 1 Audio

Guitar No. 2 Chart
Guitar No. 2 Audio

Guitar No. 3 Chart
Guitar No. 3 Audio

Guitar No. 4 Chart
Guitar No. 4 Audio

Full Score

All Parts Audio

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Here’s how to interpret the notation

And here’s a guy talking about how to play harmonics for 7 minutes.


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Chapman comes to us from Seattle, where the summers aren't that hot, the winters aren't that cold and it doesn't rain as much as you'd think. Since he left his hometown of Anacortes, Washington in 1997, he has taught English in Prague, waited tables in Scotland, played shows in Australia and rocked it as a poor musician in five continents and over thirty countries. In Seattle, he was a teacher at the Seattle Center Academy and the front-man of the intrepid band The Red Note for five years. In addition to his responsibilities as director of online services he plays with his new band anacortes.

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