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August 2017 Love And Lift Special

Sign up for your favorite class this fall--and give a friend or relative the gift of Guitar For Absolute Beginners for 50% off.

(Limited to 12 students.)

That's one class for yourself, normally $349.00, at the normal returning student rate of ten percent off--or $ gift certificate for a ten week Guitar For Absolute Beginners class, NYC Guitar School's signature class for new guitar players, normally $349.00, for fifty percent off--only $174.50.





only $488.60

That's a total value of $698 for only $488.60--a savings of $209.40.  But we are only selling 12 of these packages, and only in the month of August.

To purchase the package, click the link below--after you purchase the Love And Lift package, you can redeem your class and gift certificate by calling 646-485-7244 to schedule your class and to give us the name of the lucky recipient.  We will then send a gift certificate to you, and your friend or relative can use it to schedule their beginner class at whatever time and location works for them.