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  • NYC's Top Teachers:  trained, experienced, vetted.

  • Work With Other Advanced Students: all students are well beyond the basics!

  • Level Up: gain soloing confidence, technical proficiency, theory depth and the ability to play under pressure.

  • Flexible Scheduling for Busy New Yorkers: just show up--and come as often as you'd like. Guitars provided!

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Drop-in classes for advanced guitar players.

Are you an advanced guitar player? Perhaps you have already completed core electives at NYC Guitar School like Lead Guitar Basics or Fingerstyle Guitar, or you play in our rock bands and take private lessons. Or maybe you've been playing on your own for years, and want to fill in gaps and continue to progress--or even just to spend time in the company of other motivated and advancing guitarists.

Our top instructors put together a set of 50 essential advanced guitar skills which can be learned in a drop-in structure by any guitar student, provided they've already achieved a basic level of proficiency with barre chords, pentatonic scales, rhythm, etc. This class is your opportunity to alk to say something like "I just want to feel confident enough to play with other people and take solos" or "I want enough theory mastery that I feel like I can write my own songs."

What you will gain from this class:

  • confidence in playing with others and taking solos

  • enough theory mastery to be able to write your own songs or follow chord changes with scale changes

  • a deeper understanding of the fretboard

  • improved technical execution--and the ability to play under pressure

Each class includes:

  • a consistent warm up workout to reinforce fundamentals and to build camaraderie between students, including rhythm, ear-training, fretboard, picking and fingering drills and improvising

  • explanation and demonstration of an advanced guitar skill

  • step by step exercises to build capabilities and understanding

  • the application of that skill in the context of a song including improvisation and rhythm

And there are multiple class sessions per week so you can come at the day and time that is best for you--or even better, come several times per week!

This class is for advanced students only. Take the quiz to see if you qualify for a free trial--or find out what you need to study next no matter what level student you are.


How It Works: Members can sign up for any Fuel class. Every class starts with a warm-up, then focuses on practicing an advanced skill and then applying that skill in a musical context. Each class is stand-alone, so you don't need to worry about missing weeks. The more you come, the more you fuel your music! Tution is only $160/month--that's, like, totally worth it even if you only come to class once a week--and of course, the more you come, the less you pay per class.

Requirements To Join: Complete Guitar V: Guitar For Advanced Beginners or otherwise possess: Comfort changing between E-form and A-form barre chords and open chords; Minimum one shape of Pentatonic scale; Basic diatonic chord theory and basic chord transposing; Ability to play songs by heart all the way through with mixed strumming patterns.

Take The Quiz To See If You Qualify

Check your eligibility to join the Fuel Advanced Guitar Class Program and to receive a free trial-or find out what elements of guitar you should consider working on next.

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