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Fuel Monthly Guitar Class Membership For Advanced Students

Fuel Your Guitar Passion With Unlimited Classes – Workouts – Performances – Jams – Masterclasses and More

How It Works: Members can sign up for any Fuel class, from lead classes and jams to repertoire classes and workshops. Classes start with a warmup, then progress through skill building and playing in context. Each class is stand-alone, so you don’t need to worry about missing weeks. The more you come, the more you fuel your music!

Requirements To Join: Complete Guitar V: Guitar For Advanced Beginners or otherwise possess: Comfort changing between E-form and A-form barre chords and open chords; Minimum one shape of Pentatonic scale; Basic diatonic chord theory and basic chord transposing; Ability to play songs by heart all the way through with mixed strumming patterns.

$149/Month For Unlimited Classes–or $25 Per Class

30 DAY TRIAL $99

  • Unlimited Classes!
  • Save $50!
  • No Committment!


  • Use For Any FUEL Class!
  • Save $15!
  • Limit: 1 per student.

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