In 2004, New York City Guitar School consisted of a single room in the Recording and Rehearsal Arts Building on West 30th Street in Manhattan. One door led to the offices of four other businesses. The other led to a shared bathroom. As my students and I moved our guitars aside to allow yet another person use the facilities, I did not imagine that sixteen years later New York City Guitar School would have over fifty teachers and thirty studios in five school locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, or that our community would grow to include thousands of busy New Yorkers learning to play guitar or perform in bands, and thousands of students around the world who would learn through our many books, videos, and live-online lessons and classes.

It’s kinda crazy.

I think we’ve been able to have this kind of impact for two main reasons. First: Yes, music is so amazing–but our team is motivated by something even beyond that; our shared mission of “coaching personal greatness one lesson at a time.” Second: The people–teachers, team and students–who have deeply connected and cared about each other in our community, and sustained it far beyond one song, book, or person.

Thanks for reading!

– Dan Emery