Ignite Guitar: Unleash Your Musical Potential In One Year–Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

Ignite Guitar

You want to learn to play guitar--but as a busy New Yorker with a job and other obligations, you know how hard it can be to maintain focus. You need a clear and sure path to master your instrument, and the teachers and community to support you in your musical journey.

The Ignite Guitar program helps you reach your goals with a multiple class, year long structure. Ignite Guitar students commit for four 10 week classes over one year--and then get a bonus fifth course, tuition free.

Thousand of busy New Yorkers have gone from complete beginners to playing guitar with confidence and joy in a year of classes at NYC Guitar School. In fact, many even joined our Rock Band program. Now, you may not want to be on stage in a year--but no matter what your guitar goals are, Ignite Guitar will help you reach them!

The Ignite Guitar program is your tool to give yourself a firm, solid, pathway to success. Here's how it works...you commit to taking FOUR ten week classes at any NYCGS location in a 365 day period. Our directors give you personal counseling to match you into the right classes that work for you. Then as a reward for finishing those classes in a 365 day period, you get a FREE ten week class. For example, in 365 days you might:

  • Learn basic strums chords in Guitar I: Absolute Beginner
  • Master rhythm in Guitar II: Near Beginner
  • Play scales and riffs in Guitar III: Intermediate Beginner
  • Learn music theory in Guitar IV: Guitar Workshop

WOW! What a great year! And then...you'll get the final class in the Beginners curriculum TUITION-FREE. You'll be mastering barre chords in Guitar V: Advanced Beginners! Good job!

Not a beginner?You can still IGNITE your musical life. Ignite Guitar can be applied to our 50 week Lead Guitar program--commit to 4 ten week classes, and get the fifth free. You can even apply Ignite Guitar to your own program of electives--mix and match any four classes, finish them in one year, and get a fifth ten week class tuition free.

This is a Risk Free program. We know you are going to love making a commitment to guitar...but if for some reason you are unable to continue in the Ignite Guitar program, we will happily refund your tuition for unused courses. But remember, the more you come to class, the better--in order to qualify for the free class you must finish your first four classes in a 365 day period! That isn't a problem--that is the WHOLE POINT of the Ignite Guitar program--it puts you on a schedule and pathway to success.  

How do I sign up? You can sign over the phone with one of our friendly staff members at 646-485-7244 or just sign up below.

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