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NYCGS Online 2.0 is Here!

How It Works!
  • Just Grab Your Guitar and follow along.
  • Over 390 video lessons created to guide you step by step through the Absolute Beginner AND Near Beginner Curriculum.
  • Learn to play along with over 25 amazing songs you know and love using the skills and techniques learned in this incredible course.
  • Learn Chords, Strums, Riffs, Licks, Songs and The Fundamental Habits of Great Guitarists!
  • Dozens of Song Charts, Chord Diagrams, TABs and Illustrations.
  • This is not the only way to learn guitar but it works every time! If you follow this plan, YOU WILL LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR!
  • No obligation. Cancel at any time.

We've finished updating
our online classes!

They now live at GuitarLessons.NYC

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