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Small Group Classes

Ten week group classes for all levels and styles, backed with online resources and a best selling curriculum.

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Our friendly staff will match you with a great teacher based on your goals, level and schedule. Beginners welcome.

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Progress from Absolute Beginner to Advanced Beginner and beyond into Electives, Ensembles and Rock Bands.

Leave Your Guitar At Home

Guitars provided for free in our studios.

Make Friends and Grow

Over 40 student shows and events per year. As you learn, join jams, bands and camps.

5 Studio Locations

Or we will come to your Manhattan home, office, or school.

Start Playing Guitar Now FAQs


Brooklyn Barclays Center

Our Brooklyn school is located at...
81 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 855-5400

Midtown Upper East

Our Upper East Side location is located at...
315 East 91st Street
New York, NY 10128
(646) 449-0426

Queens Sistership

Our Queens school is located at...
32-18 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 626-8121

Westchester Yonkers/Hasting

Our Westchester studio is located near the Yonkers/Hastings border
14 Odell Ave
Yonkers, NY
(646) 485-7244

Your Manhattan Home or office...

Or your school!
Or your organization!
(646) 485-7244


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One-on-One Learning

Beginner Classes

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Private Lessons

One-on-One Learning

School Break and Summer Camps

NYC’s Ultimate Music Camp Experience for Kids and Teens

Group Classes and Bands

Make Friends and Grow.

School Programs

Our Teachers & Curriculum, Your Location

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Q: Where will my lessons be located?

Private lessons are available in our Midtown, Upper East Side, Queens, Brooklyn and Westchester locations or in your Manhattan home or office. Group classes happen in Midtown, the Upper East Side, Queens and Brooklyn.

Q: How do private lessons work?

The first step is to set up a trial lesson. We'll ask you about your experience and interests and suggest one of our expert teachers for a single, no-obligation trial lessons.

Q: How do group classes work?

Most small group classes meet once per week at the same time for ten weeks. Books are supplied, and for beginner classes, so is lifetime access to our comprehensive online classes.

What if I have to miss a class?

We have the best makeup policy in America. If you miss a class you can either make up the material online, sit in on another session at no charge, or take a discounted private makeup lesson.

Q: Should I sign up for private lessons or group classes?

That depends on you. Group classes students appreciate making friends and the motivation which comes from keeping up with their classmates. Private students like one-on-one attention focused on their interests and abilities, and control over their schedule. Many students take both.

Q: What if I don't have a guitar?

Guitars are available for FREE use in our studios. Economical guitar rentals are available so that you can practice at home.

Q: How long does it take to learn?

You will probably be playing your first song withn a week! Our proven curriculum and effective teachers will give you all the tools you need to progress. Most students who practice at least three times per week can play a song by heart in front of other people within 10 weeks.

Q: How much is private lesson tuition?

Studio private lessons are $80 each, but when you pre-purchase five at a time they are discounted to $53.50-$63.50 depending on the time of day. Your first “trial” lesson is always just $50, and unused lessons can always be returned for a full refund for any reason.

Q: How much is group class tuition?

Most 10 week group classes are $349, including a book, online resources and a 100% money back guarantee.

Q: What if I'm a complete beginner?

Don't worry! Our teachers are patient and supportive, and we have a top notch curriculum to help beginners gently achieve confidence and competence.

Q: Do I need to bring my guitar to the school?

You are welcome to bring your guitar, but you do not need to. Guitars are available for the use of students during the lessons.

Q: What if I’m left-handed?

We have left handed guitars available for your use, and lots of experience teaching left handers.

Q: Can I take lessons with a friend?

Yes! Experience extra motivation and fun by learning together with a friend for only an extra $10 per private lesson, or just sign up for a group class together.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! Attractive gift certificates are available for any number of lessons.