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OUR AMAZING TEN AND EIGHT WEEK GROUP CLASS POLICIES (Scroll Down for ROCK BAND Policies, which are different.)

Returning Student Discount:  More students return for more classes at NYC Guitar School than any other guitar school in the nation! In appreciation, since 2002, returning students get a ten percent discount on group classes. (By the way, when you register for your third class or set of ten private lessons, remember to ask for your free NYCGS T-shirt.)

Our Amazing Refund and Credit Policy for Group Classes: You can cancel your registration any time before the first class for a one hundred percent refund or credit.  If you attend or make-up all sessions of a class and are dissatisfied with your class for any reason let us know within 14 days and we’ll give you a one hundred percent refund.

Our Amazing Drop Policy for Group Classes: You can withdraw from a class at any time after it begins by calling our office at  646-485-7244 or emailing for a one hundred percent credit (not a refund) for future sessions which are scheduled after your drop date.  You can use that credit towards any other class session.  Please note that you can’t get credit for sessions which ran before you contacted the office, so call early!  If you are on the payment plan your scheduled payments will continue to run.

Class Payment Plans:   You have the option to pay for your group classes via a monthly payment plan. There are NO FEES and NO INTEREST charged! Please note that you are responsible for making all payments owed regardless of whether you attend class or not!

Our Amazing Class Make-Up Policy:  To make up for a missed class, drop in on any other currently running class or opt to take a 30 minute discounted private lesson from one of our instructors. Just call  646-485-7244 to arrange for your make-up!  (Beginners can also simply log-on to for online makeups.) Please note that all make-ups must be completed within the 10 weeks of your course.


Cancellation Policy:   Lessons can be early cancelled with more than 48 hours notice for a one hundred percent credit. Lessons cancelled with fewer than 48 hours notice will be charged and the teacher will be paid for the reserved time. If you do need to cancel a lesson, please visit the NYC Guitar School Student Portal.

Lesson Refund Policy:  You can get a one hundred percent refund or credit for unused or early cancelled lessons at any time!


  •  Regular (Non-Custom) Bands must have at least four people in order to run. (Custom Bands may have any number of people).
    Once a band is confirmed (with at least four players) there are no refunds or credits.  Just a few examples of things that can come up: you get an amazing new job, you have a family member in the hospital, you don’t like the songs your bandmates chose, the level of the band isn’t what you expected, there is a band disagreement or intrapersonal conflict, your instructor has a VISA issue and has to return to Australia unexpectedly, you win the lottery and decide to move to Tahiti…hey, a lot can happen in seven weeks! In any of these cases, all sales are final and there are no refunds or school credits.
  • Also, don’t worry if your band member has to drop, the show will go on!  Your band will continue the rock under the expert guidance of your instructor and perform as scheduled.
  • All performing bands have a 30 min set plus up to 15 min max set up time. Any additional set up time will subtract from your band’s set time. Don’t worry though, your teacher will help coach you on efficient set up and sound check!! Most bands do not need the full alotted time.
  • Each student will get at least one song of his or her choice in the band’s set list.
    Guitarists and Bassists are responsible for bringing their own instruments.
    All performing (non-101) bands will have 30-minute sets at the show. Veteran bands may request 45-minute sets, but they are subject to availability and at the sole discretion of the Coordinator and not guaranteed.
    A Custom Band means you select your entire lineup.
    Returning bands get priority for a specific teacher and time slot for the next session.
    Rock Band 101 guitarists will take turns also playing bass and drums (which your instructor will teach you) in order to get a 360’ understanding of all the parts of a band.
  • ROCK BAND REHEARSAL POLICY:  Scheduled Rehearsals can only be changed before the 1st class. There Are No Credits Or Make-Ups For Missed Rehearsals. – Bands can ADD additional rehearsals with their coach through NYCGS depending on coach and studio availability. (And of course you can get together at a studio of your choosing with your band-mates without NYCGS involvement anytime for extra rehearsal!)

NYC Guitar School, Inc does not share personal information with third parties, nor do we store any information about your visit to this website. We are not responsible for republished content from this website on other websites without our permission. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on July 17, 2017.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at