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Date:January 18, 2016

Adam Kryzan

Adam comes to us from Calgary, Canada via Boston as a recent graduate in songwriting and performance from The Berklee College of Music. Fluent in nearly every style of music from country to jazz, Adam has been performing and writing since he was 14 when he joined a local blues trio. As a musician, Adam prides himself on serving the music, but as a teacher he strives to serve the musical needs of his student. Whether the student is a budding songwriter trying to learn a few new chords, or a more advanced player trying to work on their lead guitar phrasing, Adam has the knowledge and experience to guide them down their path to personal greatness.

Since relocating to New York, Adam has become involved with a variety of exciting bands and projects (HalfBrother and CANVAS, to name a couple). Being Canadian, he is also a passionate Neil Young fan, and, more than anything, he is thrilled to be teaching at New York City Guitar School!

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