Date:November 07, 2016

Cameron Morris

Fostered by Greenville South Carolina’s hidden rock and metal scene, Cameron found his way to the guitar at age 14. With a passion for bands like Megadeth and Carcass it was not long before the stage became his second home.

After leading bands throughout high school, his studies took him to Anderson University where he would earn a Bachelor of Music Performance degree with a concentration on Classical Guitar. It was during this time that his passion for performing was truly developed as he maintained routine recitals at school in addition to frequent metal, jazz, and even church gigs in the area. By age 21, regional venues like Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC provided him with opportunities to open for national acts such as Jeff Loomis to hone his skills further.

Having a home in live performance, Cameron seeks to bring that aspiration to the classroom by encouraging students to find and express themselves through musical exploration. Sharing the gift of music is a lifelong commitment and value that he seeks to continue at New York City Guitar School.