Date:January 22, 2016

Emilio Tostado

A Chicago native, Emilio picked up a guitar at the age of 12 with his dad at a local music store. Fueled by the excitement and energy he got from classic rock, Motown and 90s alternative, guitar went from being a hobby to an all out obsession.

Since then, he recorded and shared the stage with with the Four Tops, Glen Hansard, Melvin Davis, Dennis Coffey, and many others. He has recorded, performed and toured internationally with the Milo Z band, an NYC funk institution for over 25 years. In addition to teaching at New York City Guitar School, he can be found writing and playing with Brooklyn based indie-rock band Anacortes, playing wedding ceremonies and receptions with The Storytellers of NYC, and is a student himself, studying with Americana-jazz-country guitar luminary Jim Campilongo. He continues to write, record and perform R&B music in a group comprised of his best friends from college, The Funk Machine.

As a teacher, Emilio specializes in classic rock, blues, R&B/funk, pop, songwriting, beginner/intermediate jazz and classical, fingerstyle, and theory. He focuses on embracing guilty pleasures, focused practicing, stepping out of your comfort zone, and making sense of the music that excites you. Emilio is delighted to have been a member of New York City Guitar School's incredible community of devoted teachers and staff for over three years, and looks forward to many more!

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