Date:October 24, 2016

Jessy Dorsett

As a little farm girl from Connecticut, Jessy had always dreamed about moving to the big city to pursue a singing career. She started out by getting involved in her schools music programs and study with some incredible voice teachers.

She was one of the original six vocalists picked out of the entire state of Connecticut for The Ensign- Darling Vocal Fellowship, which is a full-scholarship vocal program given by The Bushnell Theatre in Hartford, CT. After excessive vocal coaching and training from the fellowship, Jessy attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where she found her true voice as an R&B/Soul singer and graduated with a Music Business and Vocal Performance degree. Following graduation, Jessy moved to Portland, ME where she played out with her band JD and The Boyz at night and was a preschool teacher by day. When it was her time for a new adventure, and new musical inspiration, she drove from Portland, ME to Austin, TX. In Austin, she quickly joined a new band where they played every week on 6th street where all the music happens. She also had the pleasure of working with some of Austin's amazing musicians and with their help recorded a five-song EP of her original music.

Now residing here in New York City, Jessy has continued performing and doesn't intend to stop anytime soon. She has won two roads of Amateur Night at the world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, has done a lot of session work for commercials overseas and plays out frequently with her original neo-soul band Jessy Dorsett and The Pennies. Jessy has a love for contemporary music, songwriting and performing. She is also so excited to be a part of the NYC Guitar School Vocal program!