Date:March 12, 2017

Kenta Shimakawa

Born and raised in California, Kenta Shimakawa started guitar at the age of 14 and since then it has been his keys to opening up the world of music. He began musical training at a young age with voice and cello and was surrounded by the sounds of Flamenco by friends and family; but the electric guitar was the most pivotal instrument in shaping his love for music. His passion for music was initially sparked by wanting to recreate the rebellious sounds of teenage rock and alternative music which then further evolved to an interest in hard rock and metal music. He eventually developed a love for the colorful sounds of jazz and chose to move to NYC to seek a degree in it.

He is currently finishing up his Bachelors in Fine Arts from the New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Kenta has studied and performed with great musicians including Nir Felder, Rachel Z, Omar Hakim, Steve Cardenas, amongst many others.

His music today is a unique combination of all of his musical influences, combining the sounds of intense jazz improvisation with driving, heavy grooves of metal music. He leads a 5 piece band for which he wrote, engineered and released a debut EP in late January 2017.

As a completely self-taught musician prior to attending school, Kenta has experienced all the twists and turns in learning music. Through his studies he has learned that beyond the technical difficulties, the guitar was and continues to instrumental (pun intended) in personal growth and opening up the world around him. Because of this he is committed to helping students find the pure joy and fun in music, no-matter the skill level or technical proficiency.

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