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NYC Guitar School has 100 plus 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp
Over 100 5-Star Reviews On Google And Yelp.

"I am approaching the two-year mark in my lessons...I have nothing but praise for the quality of the lessons and the teachers. My lessons are one of the high points of my week! Thank you, NYCGS!" - Lewis

"My 7-year old son and I (46-yr old mom) both wanted to take guitar lessons...NYC Guitar School made it happen. They found us a teacher - Matteo - who is incredibly talented and incredibly patient. New York Guitar School has been quick, effective, resourceful, talented, helpful and joyful." - AP

"My children - 6 and 9 - are really learning how to play and their teacher Gabby makes it really fun for them. I am very pleased with how much they have accomplished in such a short amount of time." - GS

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Are you long on your love of guitar, but short on time?

We teach busy New Yorkers how to play guitar (or to play better) in positive, step-by-step guitar lessons on your schedule and in your home.

Whether you are beginning your guitar journey or are an experienced player looking to break out of ruts and expand your capabilities, NYC Guitar School's skilled teachers will help you reach your goals Each week over 1,000 busy New Yorkers learn with us.

No experience needed, beginners welcome!


Q: What makes NYC Guitar School different? A: Our teachers, community and curriculum!

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NYCGS Teacher Training

Our teachers are (of course) skilled players--but they've also gone through a slightly insane hiring and training process including 5 interviews, sample lessons, a sample class and an intense mentoring and training program.

More importantly, our teachers join our team because they exemplify our values of relentless improvement, honesty, hustle and being people centered. Our mission is coaching personal greatness one lesson at a time. Our mission driven teachers are the reason we've become one of the largest guitar schools in America.

happy nyc guitar school students playing on the steps in Union Square Park with Make Music Festival

NYCGS Students At Make Music Day

Our community is over 1,000 enthusiastic students and 50 passionate teachers strong. As an in-home student, you can grow your skills and connect with others in school events and performing opportunities like open mics, jams, workshops, ensembles, camps and NYC Guitar School rock bands. And even if you don't want to perform, you are still part of our community.

Our in-home teachers use the same proven curriculum used successfully by thousands of New Yorkers in our four locations. You will build fundamentals that allow you to learn songs that YOU are inspired by, and you will learn deliberate practice skills which improve your odds of success in guitar, and in life.


dalton and a happy guitar student in a lesson on a couch with lots of album covers on the wall

Q: How do private lessons work? The first step is to set up a single, no-obligation trial lesson online or by calling 646-485-7244. After the trial, most students continue with regular weekly lessons. If anything changes, we have a flexible 48 hour cancellation policy and unused lessons are refundable.

Q: How much is tuition? The discounted trial lesson in your home is $60. After the trial you can continue with one lesson at a time at $100 per lesson, however most of our students take advantage of our discounted 5-pack plan at $78.50 per lesson. (Unused lessons can always be returned for a full refund.)

Q: What about for kids? We offer discounted 30 minute lessons for kids up to age 12. The trial lesson in your home is $50. After that, you can continue with individual 30 minute lessons at $80 per lesson, however most of our students take advantage of our of our discounted 5-pack plan at $58.50 per lesson. (Unused lessons can always be returned for a full refund.)

Q: What if I'm a complete beginner? Don't worry! Our teachers are patient and supportive, and we have a top notch curriculum to help beginners gently achieve confidence and competence.

Q: Do I need a guitar? Yes--but if you don't have one, don't worry! We can advise you on getting a guitar, and we also offer discounted $21/month guitar rentals to students who want to get started before committing to a guitar purchase.

Q: Can I take lessons with a friend? Yes! Experience extra motivation and fun by learning together with a friend for only an extra $10 per lesson.

Q: Do you have gift certificates? Yes! Attractive gift certificates are available for any number of lessons.

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  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I would recommend this class [Guitar for Absolute Beginners] for anyone that is picking up the guitar for the first time and wants a low key way to learn it.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Taylor C.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I started at the Near Beginner's Class and it was the right choice. I learned so much and my teacher is fantastic...I love coming every week. It's very supportive and everyone from the staff that I've encountered is really excited that you're there. They also have a great make-up system if you have to miss a class.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Alisa L.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I am enrolled in my 3rd 10-week course of the year [Guitar for Intermediate Beginners] and it's changed my life...I could not be more grateful. Do you know how cool it is to have ALWAYS wanted to play guitar and, in a matter of months, be able to come home to your family on Thanksgiving, take requests from them and share the gift of music with people you love while they sing along with you? It's the best.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Elizabeth E.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I am currently enrolled in Guitar IV [Guitar Workshop]...the teachers are AMAZING, the owner is fantastic, and the classes make learning guitar fun. I look forward to my classes every week. NYCGS offers free online videos with every in-person class sign up, so it's like having a teacher at home to practice with.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Brittany H.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I directly signed up for Dan's Advanced Beginner class, where I had my first exposures to barre chords and Dan just made those seemingly difficult techniques so much fun to learn. And the momentum just can't stop ever since.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Nini L.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I started as an Absolute Beginner...and I am still going over a year later! By now I've taken all intro guitar classes (zero to hero), as well as songwriting, fingerstyles and guitar workshops as well as the vocal classes. The guitar teachers here are fantastic. Their passion for adult music teaching shines through, and it is always fun to come to class. Finally, the school itself is a great environment. The front desk staff is friendly and accommodating...everyone is supportive and encouraging. It feels like a community and I'm glad to feel like a part of it!

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Missy L.