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What Makes A Guitar Student Into A Raving Fan

What Makes A Guitar Student Into A Raving Fan?  
Dear NYC Guitar School Team,
A few days ago I met a Brooklyn Guitar School student who proudly showed me the NYC Guitar School business cards which SHE herself had created to hand out to people she meets. Let me repeat that…she was so eager to share her experience with others that she designed and printed her own business cards with all our location names and phone numbers on them, so that she could hand them out.
When I asked “Why?” she said 
“From the moment I came I felt welcome, I felt part of something, I felt like everybody at the desk and the teachers really cared about what I was doing and my progress.  My teacher, Kyle, makes me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.”

Wow!  Is this student just getting scales and chords?  Or is she getting values like “People Centered” and “Relentless Improvement?”

Remember:  our students have a choice!  They don’t have to take guitar lessons from us–they have hundreds of choices of teachers, schools, online learning platforms and apps, etc.  They come to us because people love being part of a community that supports and encourages them in being their best.
Are you merely teaching guitar?  If so, then you’re no better than an app and just as replaceable. Or are you coaching personal greatness, one lesson at a time? If so, you are invaluable, and your student might even make a business card for you!


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