Make music and friends in NYC’s ultimate Rock Band program.

Do you want to play in a rock band, but aren't sure how to get started? 

  • How do you meet other musicians?
  • How do you organize rehearsals and book gigs?
  • What if you have limited band experience or feel a little intimidated?

Fear not! If you want to play in a band, NYC Guitar School makes getting started easy.

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We organize rehearsals, book shows, and connect you to a supportive community. Expert coaches guide new rockers step-by-step from plugging in to playing on stage--and advanced players benefit from intensive performance coaching and professional arranging. In fact, last year over seventy bands rehearsed in our studios in NYC's iconic Music Building and then performed in a NYC nightclub for their family, friends and community. (Check out our Events Page for upcoming Adult Rock Band Showcases!) Our students transform their lives and make lifelong friends.  Many form their own bands and rehearse and gig regularly in NYC!  Many of these students had never played in a band before!  Make your rock band dreams come true, transform your playing, make friends and make music.

Rock Band 101

Get started with step-by-step guided rehearsals and a low pressure open studio showcase.

Open Jams

Meet new people, improve as a musician, and have fun in small group guided jams.

Custom Bands

We match your group with a great coach, arrange rehearsals and put you on stage in a NYC nightclub.

Theme Bands

Join A Blues, 90's Or Classic Rock Band. Rehearse and play a show in a NYC club.

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Expert instructors guide you through every step of your first band, from plugging in and using amps to arranging songs and creating a set list. You rehearse in professionally equipped rooms in NYC's iconic Music Building and finish with an exhilarating open studio performance of 2-3 songs. Most 101 bands continue into our Custom Band program!

Spots available for Vocals, Keys, Bass, Drums, and up to 3 Guitars. If there is not a bassist or drummer enrolled, guitarists will take turns playing those instruments, with lots of support from the instructor. Eight 2-hour weekly rehearsals.

Requirements: No prior band experience necessary! Guitarists should have completed Guitar V: Advanced Beginners or the equivalent, be able to confidently switch between barre chords and be able to play entire songs.

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Theme bands make it easy to connect with other NYC Guitar School musicians. The setlist is chosen from a curated list of songs based on a theme, like Blues, 90s Rock or Classic Rock. Your coach will send out one song with charts to prepare for the first rehearsal. Show up ready to learn and have fun! Your band will perform 3-4 songs on stage at a NYC club.

Spots available for Vocals, Keys, Bass, Drums, and up to 3 Guitars. Guitarists may switch off on bass. Four 2-hour weekly rehearsals plus a night club show.

Requirements: For Int/Adv players comfortable on their instrument who have rehearsed and performed in a rock band. Must be able to attend at least 3 of the 4 sessions.  Rehearsals cannot be moved or cancelled.  Bands need four enrolled students in order to run. No refunds or class credit once band is in session.

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Meet new people, improve as a musician, and have fun in the Premium Jam, hosted by NYCGS Rock Band Coach Vinnie Demasi!

The 2 hour open jam is limited to 3 guitar players and 8 total players (1 each for bass, vocals, keys, and drums), so you play the whole time! If no bass player is enrolled, then NYCGS may allow 4 guitar players and guitarists will switch off on bass. We provide the fully equipped studio, jam books, and expert bring the rock 'n' roll! Guitarists/bassists: bring your ax! Jam is 21 and up. BYOB. Visiting a jam is the best way to get started in the NYC Guitar School band program--your first jam is only $20!

Try Your First Jam For Only $20

Returning students are the heart of the jam! Come out to meet new people, build your skills, and connect with potential bandmates! First, sign into your account to purchase your 5 jam pack!   Then just sign into your preferred class to reserve your spot.  

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You and your bandmates select, rehearse, and arrange songs under the guidance of an expert instructor, and work as a team toward a performance on stage at a New York City nightclub like The Delancey, Club 45, American Beauty and more.

Bands rehearse for two hours, once a week, for seven weeks before the show. Many custom bands play together for years, and even play shows beyond NYCGS!  Most custom bands meet in Rock Band 101, Theme Band or Jam classes--but work groups, families, friends and any other group can form a custom band. Custom bands can even rent dedicated weekly rehearsal space.

If you have a group and are interested in joining our custom band program, please email us. If you are in one of our continuing custom bands and want to confirm your registration, click below.

Custom Band Confirmations
Are you an individual player looking for a band? Join a 101 or Theme band and start connecting with the community, and play in weekly jams and let the Jam Coach know you are looking for a band. Are you a band looking for a player? Let us know!


Where are rehearsals held?

The NYCGS Rock Rooms are located in the iconic The Music Building.  Artists such as Madonna, Metallica, The Strokes, Parliament, David Byrne, Interpol, Patti Smith, Joey Ramone, Billy Idol, The New York Dolls, Lou Reed (and many more!) have rehearsed in the building over the years.  It is a community of working musicians, and we are thrilled to be a part of it!

What is the NYC Guitar School community like?

You will find that the NYC Guitar School Community is an environment which supports you in being your best. Whether you are honing your skills in private lessons or in our lead guitar, vocal or other classes...or when you are cheering on the other bands...or taking advantage of our open mics and student will find that you are surrounded by positive people who are growing as musicians and as people. In fact, many of your classmates on stage will have started as Absolute Beginners. And some of your classmates will end up playing in bands on their own, outside the school. Does this sound like it might be the right place for you? probably is!

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Click Here to watch all the bands at our 2018 Showcases!

What Our Students Are Saying:

"Rock Band was about as much fun as I think I could have." - Nick

"Who says dreams don't come true?" - Martin

"I had a blast!" - Bruce

"The energy was so positive. Thanks again! What a great outcome, we had a blast." - Liz B.

"The rock band program is great. Jon was a solid music director and kept us focused on our goal. He took 5 strangers and turned us into a band. Fontana's provided the perfect venue to showcase our work." - Jim

"Rock Band was really so fun! Thoroughly enjoyed it." - Arthur

"I still can't believe that I was actually on that stage singing, it was like being in a dream! The whole experience from the first rehearsal to the last song at Fontana's was very special to me and something I will always remember. I was really nervous and scared but not anymore! I am really lucky to be part of this and I look forward to continuing. All my thanks to Jaime, Kyle G. and the staff for your kindness, hard work, excellent music education, behind the scenes efforts and constant support...You guys make it all happen and bring the rock music to life!!" - Liz G.

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