NYC Guitar School Summer Programs 2018

Are you ready to be a rock star? Or maybe you just want to play like a rock star, experience what it's like to be in a band, and play a live show!
Since 2008, NYC Guitar School has offered New York City's most positive, authentic and intense rock and roll music camp!

#1 OUR PHILOSOPHY.  We care A LOT.  We want our students to grow as musicians AND as people.  So when somebody comes to our summer program, we care about them, we watch out for them, and we expect the very best from them.

#2 There are THREE sessions, each two weeks long, Monday-Thursday. Many campers take multiple sessions. 

Session I: July 9-12, 16-19
Session II: July 23-26, July 30 - August 2
Session III: August 6-9, 13-16

#3 There are THREE age groups:

Kids 8-11 (10am-2pm)
Teens 12-14 (10am-3pm)
Teens 15-17 (noon-5pm)

Drop off begins 30 minutes before a given program, pickup ends 30 minutes after. For all ages an extended day program or private guitar lessons are available before or after camp.

#4 There are THREE core programs:  Boot Camp, Rock Band 101, and Intermediate/Advanced Rock Bands

  • Boot Camp is an intensive beginners program.  After two weeks of Boot Camp, complete and utter beginners will know the basics of guitar playing, and will play a song or medley as a group on stage at the show.
  • Teen Rock Band 101 is an initial rock band experience, ideal for those who have played their instrument for fewer than 2 years and/or who have limited experience playing in a band.  In Rock Band 101, campers learn to listen to each other, select and arrange and rehearse songs together, and prepare for their show with lots of positive coaching and support.
  • Teen Intermediate/Advanced Rock Bands are ideal for those who have played for more than two years and who have played in bands before.  These bands rehearse intensely, meet a high standard of excellence, and headline the show.  When applying for these bands it is important to fill out details on the application about playing level, style interest, experience, etc. to help us put together complementary players.
  • (Kids 8-11 just play in Rock Bands. We don't call them "101" or "Intermediate" or "Advanced", we just make sure they have fun and learn a lot.)


#5 There is an EXTENDED DAY option, from 10am - 5pm. Those campers who want or need a longer experience, can opt for the extended day program.  Students will deepen their musical skills with our Digital Music Production & Songwriting class. Because the bands and boot camps are so focused and intense, the electives are more relaxed and exploratory.

#6 There is an INCREDIBLE SHOW on the last Thursday of each camp. The show is in a New York City nightclub, with sound, lights, and fog.  Many NYCGS shows are at Rebel nightclub, but other shows have been at Arlene's Grocery, Fontana's, Kenny's , The Delancy and Baruch College Performing Arts Center.  The kids play at 3:00pm.  The 12-14 year old teens play at 4:00pm.  And the 15-17 year old teens play at 6:00pm.  If you have a younger camper, watch their show, then take them out for dinner, and finally bring them back so they can see what 5 years of practice looks and sounds like!

REGISTRATION open for RETURNING CAMPERS only through January 31st

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