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Extended Day Electives

Extend the Rock!
For those families looking for a longer and deeper musical experience, we offer an extended day program from 10am – 5pm as well as private “Booster Lessons” before or after camp. Because the bands and boot camps are so focused and intense, the extended day is more relaxed, social and exploratory. Students expand their experience in projects in History of Rock, Beatmaking, and Songwriting.

Daily Schedule:

  • Extended Day KIDS 8-11 take History of Rock/Listening to Music from 2-3pm followed by Beatmaking/Songwriting from 3-5pm following the regular 10am-2pm rehearsal day. Dismissal is at 5pm.
  • Extended Day TEENS 12-14 is from 3:15pm – 5pm following the regular 10am-3pm camp rehearsal day.  Dismissal is at 5pm.
  • Extended Day TEENS 15-17 is from 10am – 11:45am. There is just enough time to grab a snack before bands and boot camps start at noon! Dismissal is at 5pm after the noon-5pm rehearsal day.
  • Extended Day tuition is just $180/week extra.
Beatmaking: Making Music On Your Computer or Tablet. Learn the basics of creating and sequencing music on your own device. Make your own grooves and electronic music. Make sounds and effects. Record your own live instruments onto into your music, and place effects on the track. CAMPERS MUST BRING THEIR OWN LAPTOP OR TABLET with the reocording software on it. Garageband is preferred if possible***. At the end of the class, you’ll have a finished track to share with your friends and family.
***GarageBand software comes pre-installed on all Apple laptops and can be downloaded as an App on any Apple mobile device. It is not compatible with PC's or Android.

History of Rock/Listening To Music: Explore the history of rock and roll while also learning to hear different instruments, rhythms, and song structures. Share your own favorite songs and listen to them and discuss them. This elective just for our 8-11 year old kids!

Songwriting: Craft a song as a group in a supportive and encouraging environment. Learn how famous songwriters approached their craft. Understand the difference between the creative and arranging phases of making a song. Get positive feedback and coaching, and master the structure of great songs. All groups will record a performance for video on the Wednesday before the show to share with friends and family. Select groups may be invited to perform their song onstage at the show as well!

Advanced Songwriting and Recording elective.For Intermediate/Advanced Rock Band students only. This is a two hour class that meets daily for the first 7 days of camp. Students write a song, learn the basics of records and get hands-on experience with the recording process...and leave camp with a digital copy of their masterpiece! Students spend approx 6 hours in the recording studio getting hands-on experience working with equipment and recording their song. They spend the remaining time in a fully equipped rehearsal studio working with a coach to write and refine their song(s) as a band.

To sign up, just select the Extended Day option when you register your camper. Did you already register? Just email to add extended day.


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