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VIRTUAL DROP-IN CLASSES: Specialized Online Programs 

Immerse in group bonding & learning in a specialized program made just for your interests — be it voice, guitar, or anything in between.


DROP IN CLASSES — available to drop in for a single class or as a series. Bond, share, and build your musical self and skills.

Singing and Self with Daisy Press
A 60-minute online gathering that meets 3 times a week and serves as a gateway into the history and practice of vocal music as a mystical and healing experience, both in Eastern and Western traditions. In every class we sing with a drone (played by Daisy and can be simultaneously played through a downloadable app by all students.) In this practice we deepen the intimacy of our own voices and selves by singing in relation to a constant pitch, drawing upon the basics of North Indian Raga. We develop a relationship between a constant drone (tone) and the human texture of our own voices. This class is great for deep breathing and relaxation, for improving ear training, and for gleaning (and possibly delighting in!) the architecture of scale degrees in tonal/modal music. The class is taught in a call-and-response format, and can be recorded.

Open to all ages and levels of training, this is a place where we can close our eyes, quiet our minds, and appreciate the vibrations made by our own voices.

Available as a drop in class or as a series. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm. Sign up for the link. $25

Guitar Yoga with Vinnie DeMasi
Do something uplifting with your downtime and join veteran NYC Guitar School Instructor Vinnie DeMasi for an empowering 60-minute guitar workout starting with warm-up exercises and working through review and structured practice of the various core techniques in our Absolute, Near, and Intermediate Beginner courses. Time will be left at the end of class for individual eval and questions--and best of all you won’t need to leave class afterwards to take the train home--so you can keep practicing.

Available as a drop in class or as a series. Thursdays at 7pm. Sign up for the link. $25

3 Hour Songshop with Clayton Hopkins
Workshop your own original song. Meet together to share ideas and then spend 90 minutes working on your idea, with lots of partner work and one-on-one virtual coaching breakouts with Clayton. At the end of the class, come together to share your progress, verse or even a complete song. Workshop your song multiple times, or write a new one every class.

Available as a drop in class or as a series. Mondays and Wednesdays at noon-3pm. Sign up for the link. $45