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We are now offering our lessons near the Greystone Metro-North Station above the Hudson River, convenient to Hastings, Yonkers, Riverdale, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Bronxville, etc. The lessons are in an attached studio in the founder’s home at 14 Odell Avenue, just off of Warburton Avenue…once you have an appointment scheduled, just follow the little guitar icons around to the back of the home and ring the doorbell.

We have acoustic, electric and bass guitars available for your complimentary use. For more information or to set up a no-obligation trial lesson e-mail or call 646-485-7244–or fill out the form below.

This is what two of our Weschester students said about their lessons:

"I couldn't imagine a better teacher for our 7 year old son. Jon balances technique with love of music and a lots of fun thrown in which is very inspiring to a beginner." --Rachel G., Dobbs Ferry

"In just ten weeks I went from not knowing anything to having the confidence to perform in front of a live audience. It is amazing how quickly you can learn and how much fun you can have while doing it." --Brian A., Yonkers

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  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I would recommend this class [Guitar for Absolute Beginners] for anyone that is picking up the guitar for the first time and wants a low key way to learn it.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Taylor C.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I started at the Near Beginner's Class and it was the right choice. I learned so much and my teacher is fantastic...I love coming every week. It's very supportive and everyone from the staff that I've encountered is really excited that you're there. They also have a great make-up system if you have to miss a class.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Alisa L.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I am enrolled in my 3rd 10-week course of the year [Guitar for Intermediate Beginners] and it's changed my life...I could not be more grateful. Do you know how cool it is to have ALWAYS wanted to play guitar and, in a matter of months, be able to come home to your family on Thanksgiving, take requests from them and share the gift of music with people you love while they sing along with you? It's the best.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Elizabeth E.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I am currently enrolled in Guitar IV [Guitar Workshop]...the teachers are AMAZING, the owner is fantastic, and the classes make learning guitar fun. I look forward to my classes every week. NYCGS offers free online videos with every in-person class sign up, so it's like having a teacher at home to practice with.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Brittany H.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I directly signed up for Dan's Advanced Beginner class, where I had my first exposures to barre chords and Dan just made those seemingly difficult techniques so much fun to learn. And the momentum just can't stop ever since.

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Nini L.
  • five star reviews for nyc guitar school I started as an Absolute Beginner...and I am still going over a year later! By now I've taken all intro guitar classes (zero to hero), as well as songwriting, fingerstyles and guitar workshops as well as the vocal classes. The guitar teachers here are fantastic. Their passion for adult music teaching shines through, and it is always fun to come to class. Finally, the school itself is a great environment. The front desk staff is friendly and accommodating...everyone is supportive and encouraging. It feels like a community and I'm glad to feel like a part of it!

    - Read her full review here on YELP!

    - Missy L.